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No. We fear what we don't understand. We worry the unfamiliar. Prejudice is built upon this type of lack of knowledge and it becomes the gas for violence and war. It is the truth that sets us free.

The news in general is really a powerful entity. It offers the energy to alter, influence, and create, both in good and bad methods. When it comes to producing an "image" of Islam, the media just isn't doing such a job that is nice. It is an obvious truth that news channels are away to make a revenue first of all, however with the quantity of power they should influence comes the obligation to do good and tell truth, not misinform and put fear within the hearts of viewers.

Whenever Islam is shown regarding the news, it is almost always a act that is violent and it is shown over repeatedly and once again in order to emphasize the fact the violence happened to be linked to Islam. Now there are violent people in Islam, but it's also a truth that most Muslims are good, normal people. Another truth is that there's physical violence in Christianity, and specially Judaism, but those are not shown over and over again.

To enable the matter of Islamophobia become fixed, which is really a battle that is long-term whoever has any feeling of reality must utilize the media to provide correct, sensible, and true information to be able to show the true tale of worldwide Islam.

Remember that profit is the key objective of news stations, and they're going to make use of controversial and misinformed subjects to pull in people, whom in change get this fear that is fictional misconception of topics, such as for example Islam.

While contemplating complex problems like racism and Islamophobia, solutions are hard to assembled in terms of being straight and realistic forward. No matter what solution is placed to action, it must be considered a effort that is collective all events, such as the news, politicians, spiritual leaders, educators, not to mention, the common guy and woman.
al-Andalusi,, is a research other for Yaqeen Institute plus the founder regarding the Andalusian venture, a research that is independent for counter-Islamophobia studies. He holds levels in both Western and Islamic Philosophy and it is presently pursuing their Ph.D in Islamic Studies. He specializes in subjects regarding the philosophy of technology, atheism, terrorism, Islamic governmental idea and ethics, and other problems surrounding the worldwide community that is muslim.
2nd, Muslims are and must certanly be integrating: they have been learning host languages, going to universities, playing sports such as for instance football and looking to get jobs.

Third, the host culture is generally dubious of those individuals because of their background, therefore ensure that you are not people that are turning because of foreign sounding names — everyone needs to play their component.

4th, stigmatising Muslims and disadvantaging them socially, culturally and politically is exactly what feeds the recruitment of terror groups, so again reaching out your hand is the most tool that is powerful people who desire to divide us.

A fact-based analysis makes it clear that Muslims are generally speaking attempting to integrate and that Islam isn't it self a factor causing division or violence, notwithstanding some violent and divisive ideologies from some areas of the militant-inspired community. The structures of European societies do, however, have to be more available to accepting communities that are new change. Meanwhile, Muslim as well as other immigrants is more proactive in integrating and playing a task in host communities.

But, the challenge remains just how to distribute and market an even more good comprehension of Islam and the contribution Muslims can make to culture.